All of us fell from time to time feel unsure about something. This is the moment when indecision appears.

Sometimes is a fight between god and bad, a part of you witch is god try to make you do the right thing but in the same time the malefic you tries to convince you that doing that will make you feel very good. Usually the malefic part wins easily but sometimes the good part of you has a strong word to say.

Indecision as a fight between good and bad is not so often met. An example could be when you don’t know if you really want to do a black humor joke to one of your friends.

Indecision sometimes is a consequence of your fear about something. Lets say you want to make some courses of gliding or maybe skydiving but you can’t decide when or if you are shore you want to start them.

Indecision can appear when you don’t know all the consequences that can appear from your acts. You may do something but you don’t know what that really means or what that can do to you so you don’t know what to do.

Indecision appears when you see two things almost the same but with a light difference between them and you don’t know witch to buy. It’s almost the same thing when you can’t decide if you can afford to buy something expensive, you can’t decide witch are more important: the extra money or that thing.

Indecision as a lack of reflexes is when you drive your car and you don’t know if you should hit the breaks immediately or you should speed up in order to avoid a possible accident. In time, with experience, this kind of indecision disappears, but when it happens could be very dangerous because even one second can make the difference.

Indecision can be generated by two different people who tell you to do two different things in order to solve the same problem. You should not let them influence very much yourself and just do what you think is right.

Indecision should never appear in any kind of management. When you lead a company or some people you should always know what to do and you should never show to the others weak points as indecision moments. The hole thing of leadership is to know what decision to take in the right moment and never try to change it back after that.

Maybe when you are running a small firm or you don’t have much responsibilities indecision can be seen from time to time but not very often. But when you have to lead an army to war or you decide the faith of big companies you just have to know what is right to do, how and when you do it.

There are a lot of other types of indecision and an infinity of moments when it can appear because in a life time we have to make a lot of decisions. Actually I think that life itself is a row of decisions and consequences in a certain row of time, in witch faith and God interferes from time to time.

So there are many moments when we have to decide and many moments when we are not sure what decision to take. Indecision is part of our life but I can’t say it brings us pleasant or happy moments. Instincts and experience, maybe sometimes premonitions or just pure luck can help us.


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