Not so pretty things:

A window with no sky,

A clear sky in the night with no stars,

A star shining although is already dead,

A dead man for who nobody is crying,

A man full of hate,

A daughter hated by their parents,

A parent loosing his son,

A sun that burns almost anything,

A thing that stays on your mind and in your conscience for years,

A year without seeing your family,

A family with no love,

A love story ended with a phone call,

A phone who never rings,

A wedding ring without a wedding.

Some really pretty things:

A wedding ring which anounce a wedding,

A phone who rings at the right time,

A phone call from the person who loves you,

A family full of love,

An year in which your hole family was close to you,

A thing that stays on your mind and makes you happy,

A happy light of a friendly sun,

A parent having his first son,

A daughter loved by her parents,

A man full of love,

A dead man always remembered for god things,

A thing that attracts you when you look a star,

A sky full of stars,

A window with a blue sky.


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