Your happiness, your freedom and your attitude are just states of your mind!

         I started this blog in the middle of my 20’s just for fun and for my own need to write some of my thoughts. Right now I’m running through 30’s and I still feel the need to write my thoughts occasionally.
I’ve been marching to being a high payed IT professional in the mean time, which took over almost all my free time. It also enlarged my knowledge and made me think globally by working day by day in an online field with people from all countries, cultures, religions and time zones.
People tend to value my opinion, trust my recommendations and follow my advices.
Hope you’re going to do the same.
I will try to keep this blog and update it as much as my free time allows it. It’s a page where I want to share thoughts, stories places and photos. Some might influence you some might not, it’s your job to decide what it’s good for yourself.    
You might ask yourself why I can’t just use Facebook for that as anyone else does. The answer is simple, the lack of ‘memory’ of Facebook timeline and it’s lack of ‘interest’ in written words makes it inappropriate for my scope. Some posts are for me to remember, some are for others to read, all of them might influence you!

         Enough about myself, reading the posts you might get a better picture anyway!

My motto IS:
I’ve got most of my skills on my 20’s. I’m still working on them and started with my ‘calm’ too in my 30’s. Hopefully will get to ‘Precision’ on my 40’s!

Name: Alex Cuciurean
Email: alexandru.cuciurean@gmail.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Cuciu.sMusic
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alexandru.cuciurean

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ7NvQySkDKQNzTDETWS9XA

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  1. fructul says:

    aici la tine am găsit recomandări foarte bune. bun blog, domnule.


    1. cuciu says:



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