Beautiful Pattaya Beach – Koh Lipe Thailand

The stunning beautiful Pattaya Beach in Koh Lipe Thailand it’s a truly unique place. At certain moments of the day will get you the feeling you’re as close to paradise as you ever can be.


Here is how a very beautiful sunrise looked on it. That was one of my last days on the island and the beauty of it made me ask myself why I’m leaving it, is it a good thing to leave and go over it or I could stay there for the rest of my life…


A sunset will also be nice on it:


As you can see, even the beach it’s facing South (being perfect to getting a good ten), even if the sun doesn’t raise from the water at sunrise or goes beneath it at sunset, the light, the color of the water, the white sand, make it perfect.

If you want some privacy, in 10 or 15 minutes you can go using a cay-ac to a remote private beach. There will be just you and your partner and enjoy the feeling of living on a private beach somewhere in the middle of nowhere, where no other things matter than the beauty of the nature and your feelings for each other:



Amsterdam by day and by night

A very nice town,

First t 24h impression,  was: … That is nice and clean, an dirty too, If you know what I mean! It confirmed till the last day I spent in it.

Here are some evening/night pictures:


There is a lot more about it if you visit it by night. I’m sure you’ve heard about it’s famous Red Light District. You will not find pictures with it here – because it’s forbidden to take explicit pictures of it. If you’re curious about it and are ready to leave your morality lessons at it’s entrance, simply visit it and make your own impressions on it.

Amsterdam it’s not only about smoking weed and visiting the Red Light District, it’s also a beautiful green city, with lots of parks, bicycles, electric cars and long side walks among the canals.

Here are some day pictures from it’s beautiful green parks captured on a sunny autumn afternoon:


If nature is simply not your thing and you’d prefer some city landscapes, you should try The Rembrandt Square. It was my favorite during my stay there.


Go and visit it!

I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.