Lost your phone? Here is how you can find it

Have you ever lost your phone, in your home or in your back yard, at your friends or parents house, in someone else’s car… Here is how to find it: You can simply use Android Device Manager to ring it, or know it’s last known position. Here is how it worked for me:    

Beautiful Pattaya Beach – Koh Lipe Thailand

The stunning beautiful Pattaya Beach in Koh Lipe Thailand it’s a truly unique place. At certain moments of the day will get you the feeling you’re as close to paradise as you ever can be.   Here is how a very beautiful sunrise looked on it. That was one of my last days on the…

Amsterdam by day and by night

A very nice town, First t 24h impression,  was: … That is nice and clean, an dirty too, If you know what I mean! It confirmed till the last day I spent in it. Here are some evening/night pictures:   There is a lot more about it if you visit it by night. I’m sure you’ve heard about it’s…

Perspective on KUL – Terminal 1

Asia is developing really fast lately. Here you can see a nice perspective on the Kuala Lumpur International Airport – Terminal 1.